With each lining, our mission is to introduce a beautiful art piece from special artists who have a story to tell. At VKY Original, we put a tailored emphasis on not only the quality and beauty of the outside of our bags but also on the purpose behind our luxurious bag linings. We want our linings to reflect our commitment to diversity, inclusion, awareness of all kinds of special people and experiences. Each bag collection will tell a different story – with beautiful fabrics that create an experience and also celebrate an important artist, cause or important event. Things that matter to you. We will be introducing new artists, such as the aboriginal art history of the native Australian, the fight against and triumphs over brain cancer, as well as the celebrated diversity of the LGBTQ community. We want to acknowledge and honour a myriad of special people and events – like you, the person who carries our bag.


The Charlie Teo Foundation is different, it’s game-changing, it is all about disruptive thinking, about funding brilliant, original minds who are not afraid to push boundaries and think well outside the box. The foundation brings hope to people affected by brain cancer. The hope of a better future that will find treatments to extend lives and eventually find a cure for brain cancer. I know the dreadful loss from this personally, I chose to bring awareness and funding to this radical and very common disease that affects so many lives and needs to be eliminated. The Charlie Teo Foundation relies heavily on volunteers and donations, giving 90% of the money raised to the cause of research and surgery. This is where VKY can hopefully be a resource for healing. The foundation is dedicated to funding brain cancer research with a low-cost model that’s redefining how charities operate.


The Pride Collection is one very close to my heart. Showcasing the original eight pride colors, in a beautiful vibrant satin lining, it celebrates diversity and acceptance of the LGBTQI community all around the world. The Pride flag was designed by Gilbert Baker, an artist and activist,and with this lining we are remembering the man and the historical movement which impacts the world today. A charity dear to me, Rainbow Railroad based in Canada and New York, helps LGBTQI people across the world to escape persecution and violence in their home country. Many LGBTQI people around the globe are oppressed and abused by the communities and governments in which they live. Funding allows them to help relocate those that are in harm’s way, somewhere in the world where they can feel safe and live their lives in freedom. My dearest friend and I spent 4 years trying to bring his partner out to Australia for permanent residency, as being ‘gay’ in his country would have cost him his life if it was revealed. This was a large part of my motivation in creating the beautiful Pride lining. Through the Pride Collection, we hope to raise funds and create awareness helping LGBTQI individuals escape violence and persecution in their home countries. We would like to be a consistent financial supporter of Rainbow Railroad, as well as other charities that support the LGBTQI community.