VKY Original was designed exclusively in Australia and created by Victoria George, a fashionista with a love for accessorising with bags, shoes, and design. “I have enveloped my love for art into the products I create, telling a story through the linings, included in every collection is the signature VKY red satin secret lined pocket, for all things private and valuable as I believe everybody needs their private space. I wanted my company to reflect my creativity and also my values, so giving back and supporting important causes that matter to our communities and the world became a driving force behind the linings of each bag.

With winter being a favorite season, my passion for bags and boots is a prime motivator in creating special looks and bags to match every occasion.

Growing up in Melbourne, after my family migrated from Greece and Europe’s beautiful and luxurious couture, I spent many career years passionately in the fashion industry, as well as enjoyed the fashion of Hollywood legendary leading ladies.  All of this culminated into the desire to create a special brand of bags.

After years of cutting an opening inside the lining of my favorite bags to make a hiding space, my friends and I realised that it wasn’t worth it to ‘ruin’ a bag for the sake of privacy.  I was inspired to create bags for protecting all women’s sacred and personal things.

Years ago, I had my bag riffled through and some valuables stolen at an event, and since then, I realised that everyone needs functional and sophisticated bags that keep private things private – everyone should have a choice in what they reveal about themselves.

This idea is the inspiration behind the VKY Original brand – a refined luxury handbag, designed for protecting valuables, giving an additional layer of safety and security in your bag, that can go anywhere with sophistication. With so few places that we can truly call our own, we understand that what you reveal to the world should be your choice.  Our bags are designed to be a special place for what belongs only to you.

To create stunning, high quality designs offering something unique. VKY bags tell a story through each different linings – “My love for art and color inspired me to incorporate both into the mix and create different linings for different collections.” Our linings express an awareness of an important artist, or support a cause and provide help, or promote a celebratory event. This is a unique opportunity for anyone to help others, through VKY giving a portion of our profits to charitable foundations and introducing the world to beautiful forms of art and storytelling through the linings of our bags.