We have all been there- staring into our closet at that beautiful, sexy pair of heels that we love so much.  Tonight is the night for going out on the town and we are going to do it in style. When we strap on those lovely shoes, we are ready to take on the world- until we get on the town, walk down the street and our smile is masking the moments of ‘ouch.’  We don’t care about practical most of the time, we want to be seen as lovely, self-confident and proud,  and our shoes are all a part of how we portray ourselves.  Wearing heels has been an age-old conundrum, the tradeoff between beauty and sometimes pain.  Do we do it anyway? Hell yes, we do!  

As my friends and I were headed out to an evening of drinks, dinner, and wonderful conversations, I was wearing a reasonably comfortable pair of wedges, so as to enjoy the fact that they were beautiful, but also that allowed me to walk the city streets without the fear of landing on the curb abruptly.  My other friend, Paul, being male, had no thought about shoes, how he would maneuver or even thought after he slipped into his shoes for the evening.  Then there was Elana, a dear friend of many years- the girlfriend that I love to jaunt about town and enjoy the nightlife with. She knows her fashion, believe me, and class and beauty are important images that are reflected in the perfect pair of shoes to go with a stunning outfit.  

It all began innocently enough as we traversed through the streets to dinner.  Her shoes were show-stopping, strappy and something every woman envies-unless they have to wear them.  After dinner we decided to walk around town, the three of us, having parked a distance from the restaurant, and knowing we were full and happy, could use a stretch in the cool evening air.  And so, we walked. Well, at first we did.  Then it became very clear that she could no longer manage to walk in the heels without the pain of force on her feet and the sheer rubbing of the straps continually driving her mad.  I laughed, I know how it feels, I have done it a thousand times.  But, I also continue to do it.

I offered her my shoes, to help ease the pain.  She decided that would be out of the question and she would carry her shoes in hand.  How many times have you and your girlfriends found yourselves strolling the sidewalks with shoes in hand?  For me, it’s countless.  Beauty matters. I mean, it seriously matters!  Paul could not understand why we would put ourselves through pain for beauty.  It really makes no sense to him, but what does make sense is that he understands women want what they want.  In fact, he understands it so much he and his wife actually invented a beautiful shoe bag just for these occasions.  Seriously, he gets it. Enough to offer an attractive solution to taking your heels wherever you go, in a nice, compact bag.  But still, there is us, women who love our spectacular shoes and we WILL wear them at all costs.  

There is no rhyme or reason with this, to men, perhaps.  But to us girls, it all makes sense.  We LOVE FASHION.  It matters.  We love beautiful clothes, expensive shoes and luxurious handbags that make others drool.  Yes, we will put our feet into something that is utterly amazing to look at, that makes us feel internally powerful and confident, sexy and assured- and take that pain that comes with our feet swelling, or our straps digging into our heels or toes.  Yes we do it, yes we always will, and yes, we will laugh at ourselves, laugh with our sisters and smile at other women who all know that it’s a sisterhood- a connection we share, with each other, and our love of shoes.  

Do you have a story about your shoe experience on the town with your friends?  Share it with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear your tale!