It was a gorgeous spring day and I had just finished a great workout at the gym.  I was walking back to my car and decided that I would take a short trip through the main street where there were a lot of trendy boutiques and small cafes.   Window shopping is always best after a good workout and feeling fit and healthy, right!?  

 As I was browsing the beautiful window displays, I came across the most stunning dress.

 I knew I had a wedding to attend the next month and it would be just perfect for the occasion.

The exact mental justification I needed for me to walk into the store that day.   

Totally ignoring the conversation my husband and I had just the night before about going easy on the credit card and that I really needed to be more conscious of how I was spending- in the doors I went and straight for THE dress.  You know that nagging voice in your head that you just want to muffle so it fades away?  ‘Don’t do this’, ignored.  Yes, that was the easy part.  Normally I try clothes on then look at the price…well, this time I looked at the tag first, knowing it was going to be pricey.  I wasn’t at all shocked to see it was just under $800…and on ‘special’ of course!  I could hear that voice in my head say I had plenty of things to wear and I really didn’t need it… and certainly could hear my husband say it too.  

I had to try it on…and I did.  I halfheartedly hoped it wouldn’t look as good on me as it did on the mannequin, so I couldn’t justify the purchase and saving myself $800.  But of course, “Damn I love it!  Damn it looks good and is very flattering… I had to have it!”  There goes that voice again!  We have all been there, where you just ‘have to have it’.

I paid $300 in cash (from the stash I save here and there) we all have a stash…don’t we girls? and $500 I put on the credit card.   “There, that’s not so bad,” winning over the voice in my head.

Damn, I was proud of that win!

My husband loved the dress (as he should!) and thought $500 was reasonable, especially that it was discounted from $1100.  Ok, ok, so I failed to mention to him the $300 I also paid in cash ..but he did ask me how much I charged on the card, so I didn’t lie…I just didn’t mention the cash.  There, another proud win for me!

The Model in Us All

When I had tried on the dress in the store, I never thought about my underwear, and since it was black like the dress, it never crossed my mind to be conscious of what they were.  Then, again when trying it on at home I was also wearing black underwear, and never once did I sit down in a chair during my modeling display.  I mean really, who does that?  

The Wedding Attendance Day

All of us women have an array of undies in a variety of colors.  Many times, we don’t think about the ones we grab and wear for the day.  My new dress was a solid black color and thus I didn’t think anything about the color of my undies whilst I was dressing.  On went the hot pink undies.



The black dress was firm up at the top being a halter neck, so I didn’t need to wear a bra, and long enough I didn’t even need to wear stockings- that’s a win!  No bra is always a bonus because anyone that knows me, knows that the first thing I do when I get home from anywhere is pull off my bra, no matter what part of the house I’m in.

So, I was already to go, and I have to say once hair and makeup were done, I scrubbed up alright and looked my best.  I got into the car and carried a light wrap with me that I placed on my lap along with my elegant clutch purse.

The wedding was an hour away and, in the country, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the drive.  My husband stopped for petrol, so I thought I would run to the restroom, and as I put my wrap and clutch down on the floor of the car and went to open the door- to my shock and horror I was looking down between my legs at my hot pink undies!!  OMG!   When I was sitting down I could see my undies as the dress rides up a bit, and it is exactly the spot where the sheer, see-through chiffon paneling is, and it reveals ALL.  

The voices in my head kick into high gear- “OMG what am I going to do?  I can’t NOT sit the whole night?  What the hell was I thinking not to wear black undies…where on earth am I going to find black underwear now?  I’m in the middle of bloody nowhere!!”

“Ok, calm down, calm down, (I always chant those words to myself when I’m starting to feel manic!) just breathe” – “Honey, we have to drive to the nearest store.”  He couldn’t believe it, “what possessed you to wear hot pink under a black dress?”  We were already running late and if we took a detour the bride would be there before us.

“OK. think… think…”- this petrol station had nothing but hardware & gum in it.  I walked in, looked around, hoping against hope that something surely would jump out at me…and it did…black duct tape!  (Runway models use it to tape down, hold up and cover all sorts of various last-minute issues, so could I!)  That was my genius moment right there.  My husband was like “what are you going to do with that?”  Us women we can be so resourceful if we have to be.  So, can you guess what I did?  Yep, I covered my undies with black duct tape!!  I was so happy that I felt comfortable wearing this gorgeous dress, no bra to dig into me, no stockings to pull up…and now I’ve done it, there is nothing worse than feeling duct-tape down there.  It stuck beautifully…wasn’t the most comfortable thing to have on but at least I could walk in and -sit down without worrying about a flash of hot pink appearing at my crotch!  A total win in my book, and I impressed my husband with my ‘on the fly’ creativity!

That night, my dress and I received a lot of compliments, who would have believed that underneath a beautifully made Aussie designer dress, I was wearing duct tape undies!