I bought it -that beautiful  (of course, on sale) addition to my wardrobe that will turn heads, make me even happier to add  to my closet, and so, I placed the new top into the abyss of other lovely things in my stuffed- full closet.

Now, when I peruse my closet for that perfect outfit to wear, I often find myself going to my usual favorites. Always, we have those classic outfits perfect for day or evening, and the accessories that make us look ready for anything.  Do you find that it is a rare occasion that you dig deep into the abyss of your closet, looking for something to mix and match?  

IT Happens… 

Digging through to the things hanging way back in the back of my closet, looking ever so closely for something to change my day, I saw IT. What was that? Where did I get it, and how did IT get here next to the dresses that were a mere half size too small, but I knew I would wear again, so I have held them for (cough) 5 years.  

IT, was the top that was so beautiful, from all those months ago- the stunning colors jumped out at me, and there in all its glory, was the price tag, the sale tag of course, that reminded me of the day that I had found that ever so awesome ‘steal of a deal.’ I wondered to myself, “why did I stuff that back here?” How did I FORGET about this amazingly beautiful top that I could have been wearing for the last 3 months?

Can you relate? Seriously, we women do have a sisterhood of other women who KNOW exactly what I am talking about!  

The lost items of want, desire and need- yes, I did need it, at the time, and fully intended to wear it a lot!  But alas, my intentions became squirreled away in the back recesses of my closet.  There are other things in there, I was convinced, that I have never worn and absolutely must re-shop my closet in order to find. Smashed too closely together, I managed to find several items- a small clutch bag, a soft pink sweater for my winter evenings, (yes, the tags were on there too!) and that fabulous pair of leggings that somehow were hung up and not folded into a drawer because I wanted to match their vibrant colors to just the right top.  Yep, there they all were- my forgotten treasures of fun and fashion.  

Confession time… 

Do you ever forget a piece that gets lost away somewhere in your fashion world?  Where did you hide it and find it?  

Don’t you just love the thrill of finding it all over again?  I do- for me, it’s better than finding that cash in a winter coat pocket- finding the ‘IT’ item in my closet makes me happy to dress myself in a ‘new’ something for the day!  It also concerns me that I may be getting too forgetful- but hey, that’s another post for another day.  

Now go find that awesome thing in your closet that you forgot about- and tell us your story.