So many of us have a myriad of bags that we use for our daily style and some of them just don’t look right on us. You know, you’ve seen ‘that’ woman and don’t want to be her. How can you choose the best handbag for each day? Here are some tips for doing it up right!

Your body shape and your choice of outfits for the day matter when it comes to choosing a complimentary bag. A store window may have a fabulous bag, but will it really have the right form and function for you? A bag that compliments your unique style and shape can be a real plus for a daily bag choice.  

Shapes, Sizes and Style = Sexy, Savvy, Smart! 

 Handbags are all shapes and sizes just like our bods! Finding a bag that suits you and your curves, lines and personality is always flattering and it shows itself in the way you carry yourself!

 Perhaps shorter straps that keep the bag in proportion to your height and waist if you are short or long handles to drop it to the hip, for the leggier crowd. When it’s an all-day bag, you want everything for the day in it, but it doesn’t have to be a formless ‘dumpy’ bag of catchall stuff. ‘Dress for success’ is more than the clothes you wear, it’s also the bag you carry and how you really feel it fits you that matters! If it’s evening time, a small bag or clutch in just the right size for your size and to compliment your beauty- tall or short, curvy or slender-a classy bag with fine lines and materials will go anywhere your night takes you when you choose it right!

Where does your bag take you from here? 

How many times do you choose to use a certain bag- a special matched to outfit bag or is your bag a daily take to work bag?  

Daily Dos – Choosing a style and colour of bag that meets your expectations with functionality- like lots of pockets for your phone, keys, makeup, wallet and various other needs, is an important consideration. If it’s a daily use bag, you need all those pockets and you need a neutral colour such as a black, brown or white to compliment whatever shoes and outfit you wear that day. BUT, you need classy in that function- sometimes it’s the high-end bag, sometimes it’s the middle of the road price range, but either way, making it work on a daily basis takes a keen eye when shopping for a bag. It might be in the store window, but does it really look good on you? Smart shopping choices are all about function and form. YOUR form, YOUR function and the bag you choose should always be a reflection of your great taste and super comfortable to your lifestyle.   

Choosing the daily bag is an easy art to master- fit, form, fashion and function.

THIS Outfit, Tonight!  – The evening wear bag and special outfits bags are another beast entirely when it comes to choosing the right bag. We want it to go with a special outfit- but, can it go with more than one evening wear and special outfit? A smart shopping woman knows that the ultimate choice in a special bag that takes on the night with flair, can also take on another night with flair! If you have several special functions in a month, can that bag transcend into more than one night? Finding the background tone of the bag as a neutral colour- then the flashy or bright colours on top of it can make that bag a special one. Using a bag that has a black, beige/brown or a white as its main colour, will then grab the eye of any other colour that is on the bag that also matches your shoes and outfit. When shopping for these special bags, keep the background colour in mind as you mix and match it to your favourite night-on-the-town wear!  

Do you have a special tip about handbag matching that we should know about? Share it with us! 

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