We all know we should, but do we pack light?  Not usually!  So, here’s a simple way to get all you need for one weekend into a large on-the-go duffel or leisure tote bag and get into your weekend fun without carrying a load!  

Keep it simple:  Pack two tops, one light sweater and a pair of jeans that can be dressed up or down. Grab a pair of shorts, 2 pairs of socks and undies, 1 bra and a couple of light-weight scarves so you can change up your outfits without lugging around a ton.  If you need dress or slacks, be sure to pack dress clothes that do not easily wrinkle- something stretchy and dark, or a print shows less ‘travel crunch.’

Bring a bathing-suit for the pool, beach or hot tub.  You can even wear that bathing suit top with a light sweater and use a neck scarf to pull your hair back – another easy look added to the journey without taking more clothes!  

Roll it up! Don’t fold your clothes, roll them!  This prevents wrinkles and makes them fit much tidier in your bag – it also allows you to see everything in a row so that you don’t have to pack and unpack a hundred times on your trip!  

Tiny toiletries: We all know that little bottles save space and are the only kind allowed on the plane.  Easy right?  How can those be easier?  Skip a few!  That’s right, you never go anywhere without your own shampoo or soap, but really, one-night washing with a nice hotel shampoo can give your hair a rest from its usual product, which often makes it happier when it goes back to the regular care product.  Take a break for one (or two nights) from soap and shampoo that you regularly use, and you can pack A LOT less when it comes to bottles of ‘stuff’!

Use a travel bag with LOTS of pockets!  Don’t waste time hunting through your big open one pocket bag- have a bag with plenty of pockets and pouches to separate your things, making them easier to lay your hands on quickly.  Toiletries in one, undies in another, and ID, phone, spare cash in another.  

Makeup and Jewellery:  Roll your jewellery in your sock, and you will not forget where it is, and you won’t lose it either!  Then it is hidden away from prying eyes and you can dress up your outfits without carry an extra baggy or case for it. Makeup!  Oh, the makeup cannot be left behind, ever.  We all want to look our best on vacation dinners and trips out to a new city, so how to minimise the impact of the makeup bag?  Take only the few things that you absolutely use every day – dump all those extras in the drawer before you take off, so you can take off light!  

Shoes – absolutely must have several pairs:  Can you skip the tennis shoes and just wear sandals all weekend?  Go for it.  If you need the tennis shoes for that morning run and a pair of heels or dress shoes, put your socks inside your shoes, and put them on the inside sides of your bag, toe in first.  If you line them up this way, then you have the dirty part against the bag (not on your clothes) and you fill out the form edges of your bag with something sturdy, so it prevents your clothes from being mashed.  

Ok, what else is an absolute must-have when traveling for the weekend but packing light?  Can we leave anything out on our list above?  

Enjoy that sassy weekend getaway with no-stress easy packing and get going in style to the fun destination you are awaiting!

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