Don’t ‘show me the money’:   we all need a place to hide our cash, credit cards and ID.  Whether in the gym, a night on the town, or having our bag by our desk in the office- there is always the opportunity for snoopers going through our bag to grab convenient things.  This is what makes having a secret compartment so effective- the secret zipped lining cannot be seen and since no one knows it’s there, your money and identification can be kept safe from opportunists looking to reach into an unattended bag.  Stash your cash or the credit card receipt for those extras he doesn’t know you purchased, from prying eyes. 

Personal stealth for women: we women have lots of personal items in our bags- whether it’s our handbag we take to work or the evening bag we take out at night, we all need a very private place for ‘our’ things.  A secret compartment is discrete and allows us to hide our tampons, pain meds and even our jewellery for super privacy.  A hidden lining gives that extra level of comfort so that we know our personal items will not ‘fall’ out of our purse when we are going through it in public. 

The covert man: having a secret compartment in a messenger bag or gym bag when we are on the go is the perfect place for personal items.  Cash, smokes and condoms are hidden safely away.  Do you want to ‘pop the question?’ hide that special ring in your bag without the worry of it being exposed until just the right moment.  A zipped and hidden lining never exposes the things you want to keep secret! 

The confident and confidential traveller- hide your passport, travel documents, birth certificate and other essentials when traveling.  Never worry about losing your important papers when they are zipped safely within a hidden compartment.  Need that extra spending cash to stay separate from your daily use?  Hide it where it can’t be seen!  Take your snacks and health bars along too! 

The undisclosed, secret you: hide your USB, stash your prescriptions and conceal your private toys when you are on the go!  With a messenger bag, gym & travel bag, an elegant handbag or the luxurious evening clutch. 

Finding just the right bag is more important than ever and having a bag that represents you and keeps your privacy is paramount today.  Bags for men and women by VKY Original carry your secrets.

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