The VKY Original family welcomes you and looks forward to sharing your adventures, #CarryASecret!  

The launch of our secret lining handbags is underway, and we are excited to share the experience with you.  Our handbags are the brainchild of founder, Victoria, who designed an elegant, high quality line of bags equipped with a privacy factor that changes the way your bag functions for you.  Within our special linings, there is another, very hidden lining, because your privacy is paramount.  

VKY Original classic designs include a luxury women’s handbag & clutch, a sophisticated uni-sex small messenger bag, a large messenger bag, an elegant ladies tote bag and a fine quality weekend/gym bag.

Each bag is created with high-quality leather or fabric, satin black linings and the signature embossed, red satin secret lining.  Bags all come in several colours to suit any style and outfit.  

We believe in giving back, and each lining represents a unique opportunity to give a portion of our profits to charitable foundations that support all types of communities and interests.  Our classic lining bags will offer the opportunity to help children in partnership with the Charlie Teo Foundation.  Our PRIDE lining will be released in beautiful rainbow colours soon and benefits charity.  We also have an Aboriginal art design lining coming in 2019 – stay tuned!  Let’s do some good together!

Our secret lining- Your privacy

We all have our favourite handbags- the one that are beautiful both inside and out.  What makes a beautiful and quality lining so important?   

We have all had that sub-par handbag, you know the one- the one with a terrible lining.  It’s not strong and it tears, leaving us with a horrible nightmare.  Perhaps it’s the bag with a lining floating all over the place- you reach for something and the whole inside of the bag moves and tangles in your hand. Uck!  Then there is the fabric, the ones that easily wear, looking sad, worn and faded into yesteryear.  

We can’t stand for it, and we know you can’t either- so we decided that only the best will do for VKY bag fans. With privacy being paramount, we designed every bag with a signature secret lining, invisible inside the bag- unless you really search for it.  

Choosing Our Fabrics – It’s not an easy process- textures, fabrics with mixes of fibres, colours, strength, beauty, durability- all of it needs to be carefully chosen when the lining of a special bag is the priority. Months of sorting through fabrics from around the world and the decision is always a critical one.  Touch, sight and experience of the lining on a daily basis is a critical test for us.  We care very much about the time you spend with your handbag and it’s inner lining.  We will be releasing special lines of bags- from our Classic collection, to our Pride collection and even our signature aboriginal art collection.  You can find the perfect bag in just the right colour and exceptional lining to suit your everyday self!

Look and Feel- We know that beauty is in the eye of the handbag carrier, and others that admire their bag from afar!  That’s why our satin linings are beautiful, silky smooth and inspiring.  With our classic black linings, the VKY logo red hidden lining really pops!  It’s hard to find, but when you do, wow!  Unmistakable luxury.  

The outside of our handbags and messenger bags consist of rich, supple and strong leathers- fine quality for a refined you.  We take luxury very seriously and ensure that every stitch is perfect, and every bag makes you light up with the thought of carrying it!  


We are proud to offer our friends and fans an exceptional line of bags that does what no other fine quality bag can do- #CarryASecret.  We look forward to having you join the VKY family and become part of the privacy movement.

Do you have a great suggestion for our next special lining?  Let us know what you would like to see lining your bag and what special charitable organisation we can support!  

Welcome to the VKY Original experience- CarryASecret!