“Every cloud has a silver lining”- the phrase got us to thinking- thinking about how every bag we make should tell a story, and that would be our ‘silver lining.’  

A handbag is a very personal experience – it is closely held, carrying the things that are important and functional for us, daily.  The bag we choose and how it fits our needs is very personal, and that’s why we at VKY Original decided to put a special emphasis on not only the quality and beauty of the outside of our bags but also on our bag linings.  We want our linings to reflect our commitment to diversity, inclusion, awareness of all kinds of special people and experiences. 


Our linings each tell a story, from introducing new artists such as the aboriginal art history of the native Australian, to the celebrated diversity of the LGBTQ community and all types of special events and people – like you, the person who carries our bag and loves a lining that reflects how they feel when they carry it.  

Each collection of our bags will tell a different story – with beautiful lining fabrics to express an awareness of an important artist, cause or celebratory event.  As we unfold our special bags to the world, we want to tell a story – a story of triumph, growth, change and purpose.  Stay tuned to see all the wonderful linings we have in store. Sharing a story with you, that’s what a ‘silver lining’ means to us.