The Personality of My Bag

Every bag is a reflection of an individual – a personality, encapsulated in the look of a bag, it’s function and the very contents that each person chooses to carry.  Which woman are you?  Are you all of them on different days?  Tell us how your bag reflects who you are- and what it carries, if you dare!  

A tote bag woman is one who wants all the necessities and a few extras in her bag, just in case. She is prepared wherever she goes, and often is able to change plans on they fly because she is ready for anything. Her tote is classy but fun and she shines as a successfully happy woman.  What do you think, what’s in your bag?

A briefcase woman is organized and ready for work as well as a busy on the go life.  Strong and assertive, she moves throughout her day with ease and determination.  Taking all the essentials with her is important to how she functions.  Is this you?   

A woman with a clutch bag is sleek and sophisticated.  Her nights are filled with refined events and she is a pleasure to converse with.  She takes just what she needs for the evening, and prides herself on accessorizing with class.  How does your bag represent your personality when you go out in the evening?  

The designer shoulder bag woman is fashion-forward conscious and easily runs her days into nights with one, very fine and universally useful bag.  Everything has to work because she is busy and wants to know that what she needs is always on her side, and she is ready for anything.  She makes a statement- do you love to carry a designer shoulder bag?  

Share with us the ‘personality’ of your bag.  We’d love to hear from you!